Bergevin and Julien Are Like Stereotypical Millennial Parents

By Waldo1947 | OSJ Staff Writer

Millennial parents think they're raising great kids. In fact, because they're so into themselves, they often neglect their children to the point that no one really wants to be around them. The kids often appear spoiled, immature, and don't have the ability to cope with the slightest bit of adversity. Millennial parents are blind to the fact that their own marriage is failing and refuse to acknowledge the fact that their children are suffering. How many walks through the forest in Autumn do these families actually take as they hold hands and smile for the camera?

Millennial Parent #1 - Marc Bergevin

Imagine you're given the keys to the second richest team in the NHL. Your owner stays out of your way and you get to spend as needed. You have a say at the draft table and you run the NHL team and the AHL team. You get a contract extension when you probably should have been fired. You also have a lot of time to work out to develop amazing biceps. (This is at least the 3rd time I have written about them!) Add all of this up and what do you have to show for it? A middle-of-the-pack team, $7,525,644 in cap space, and an AHL affiliate that hasn’t made the playoffs since 2017.

Time to look in the mirror, Marc. Your top-6 forwards are all second-liners and the depth you brag about cannot score. Depth only matters if your top-6 dominate. Your defence is slow and getting run-around in their own end. You have a world-class goalie and his talents are being wasted. There are no blue-chippers in Laval. Stop being a millennial parent and fix your household!

Millennial Parent #2 - Claude Julien

Millennial parents don’t realize that in order to raise children to become productive adults, you have absolutely grind it out when they're newborns. You cannot shelter children to the point they are suffocated. You have to let your children take risks and live with the fact they might get hurt. In other words, take a risk on failing as a parent now in order to protect your child’s future.

Enter Child #1 - Alex Galchenyuk. Julien did a poor job handling him and wasn’t willing to risk faceoff losses and the other tough growths that young centers need in order to develop as team leaders. Because of this, he became confused, disoriented and his development was destroyed. Self-confidence in hockey cannot be developed through less ice time. What might have been had Galchenyuk spent a year in the minors, gotten some confidence, and then was allowed to grow properly in the NHL?

Enter Child #2 - Jesperi Kotkaniemi. This kid has 3 points in 12 games and it was widely known that he hit a physical and emotional wall last season. Again, would it have killed them to have him to play a year in Finland to gain the necessary confidence and skills to play with men? Now his ice time is being cut and he seems to be the 3rd option at center. Is this growth?

It seems the Julien-Bergevin marriage is at odds. The coach wants to win now, the GM is building for tomorrow. As I write this article, the Habs are 6-4-2 and hardly look like Cup contenders (or Atlantic Contenders for that matter). Both parents need a dose of reality and have to talk face-to-face about what the plan actually is.

Maybe Bergevin and Julien need a millennial walk in the forest with Facebook and Instagram there to document their plans for the future?

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