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Updated: Sep 12, 2019

I have a friend - one of the smartest guys I know - who said this to me last night. "I want to listen to your show but I gotta admit I don't know how." So that's the spark for this quick, basic podcast tutorial.

What is a podcast and how do I actually listen to one?

A podcast is like an on-demand radio show. It's recorded, absolutely free and lives on the internet. That's the advantage it has on old school radio. It's always on-demand, has WAY fewer commercials, way more choices, no time constraints (Oh, we're almost out of time for today? Uh, no we're not. We're taking all the time we need), and the hosts generally answer to no one.

So how do you listen? Well, people generally listen on their mobile phone, laptop or desktop. Your iPhone is already "podcast-ready." Just look for this logo labelled, "Podcasts."

Click on it then search for a show. For example "The Steve Warne Project." Just hit "play" on any episode you like. You can also just say, "Hey Siri. Play the Steve Warne Project Podcast."

For your android phone, you may need to download a podcast app first. Stitcher or Castbox are free and excellent. Once downloaded, it works the same as the iPhone podcast app.

You can also listen by streaming through you usual browser on your phone, laptop or desktop. For example, go to The latest episode is right there on the main page. Just click play. Again, it's absolutely free.

Podcasts are beautifully portable. People will binge them on long drives, walks, or runs. They can break up a long workday or be something to enjoy around the house or cottage. Note that they are internet-based so they do use your data. Some people save data by downloading podcasts onto their phone with their wifi at home.

I hope you'll save this post then give our podcast a try someday soon. If you're already podcast-savvy, please share with a friend who isn't, one that might enjoy our show. Maybe even give them a hand. If you have any further questions on podcasts, don't be shy to contact me at

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