It's a Leap Year - One More Day to Hate the Habs

By Waldo1947 - Ottawa Sports Journal Staff

It's been one month since Groundhog Day, or as Habs fans have come to call it, the Marc Bergevin Experience. The famous 1993 movie, Groundhog Day, starring Bill Murray, is about a weatherman who finds himself inexplicably living the same day over and over (and over) again. Not so coincidentally, 1993 is the last time the Habs won the Stanley Cup. Since 1993, it seems like the same story every year which is really starting to wear on even the most dedicated fans.

What Are The Habs?

Not that the female reproductive system is my area of expertise, but I’m almost sure that you cannot be “a little bit pregnant”. So what are the Habs? They are not a big, bruising team. They are not a high scoring team with a lethal powerplay. They are not a rebuilding team because contracts like Shea Weber and Carey Price will not allow that. The trade deadline proved that they are not a “blow-it-up and start-over team”. They are not a team that concentrates on building through the farm system. Lastly, the Habs are not a lottery team. They are part of the bloated, mushy-middle which guarantees them that coveted 10th-13th pick.

Enough About the Draft

Can we stop with the praising of Marc Bergevin for his accumulation of picks? What is with the media fawning over his minor, “deckchairs-on-the-Titanic deals”? He turned a 4th round pick into a 2nd round pick for Marco Scandella. Wow! Plan the parade now. Or how about the brilliance of turning Kovalchuk into a 2nd round pick? Holy cow, dynasty time! You do realize that Trevor Timmons still runs the scouting department, right? My little buddy Butsy showed me a tweet from PJ Stock that had Timmons’ draft record:

PJ Stock


Don’t mean to diffuse the happiness #habs fans have regarding the latest NHL draft history report BUT Timmins has been responsible for AS since 2003. In 17 years, not 1 of his drafted players have reached 70 Pts in a season. Only 3 have reached 60; PK, Streit, Patch. @SnipingSam

Furthermore, people are talking about the importance of this draft because it is being held in Montreal. Do you think all the GMs are going to get scared of the Stanley Cup banners and the “ghosts of the forum” and give Bergevin all the best players? Since when is the draft about where it is held? The Habs’ brass should be concerned about getting booed off the stage and getting kicked out of their own party.

Anyone have a 2-goal lead they want to blow? What about a 3-goal lead? Maybe a 4-goal lead?

How about 5 in a row on home ice over the last 10 days? My goodness, it is bad. The Habs went 1-2-2 in those games. Overall, the Habs have a league-worst 10 losses after going into the 3rd period with a lead. It seems too perfect that the Habs season started to emulate an 18-wheeler careening out of control after blowing a 4-0 lead to the Rangers on November 23rd. The Habs entered that game 11-6-5 and are 19-22-4 since (also blowing a 2-0 lead to the Rangers on February 27th).

The “If-Then Game” is for losers!

  • If the Habs were 16-14-6 at home instead of 14-16-6, then they would be 5 points behind the Leafs.

  • If the Habs had beaten the Red Wings 3 of 4 times instead of losing all 4, then the Habs would be only 3 points behind the Leafs.

  • If the Habs held onto win 5 of the 10 games they led after 2 periods, then they would be 1 point ahead of the Leafs.

  • If the Habs didn’t have so many injuries, then they would be unlike any team in the league because all teams deal with injuries, you just don’t hear about them because other GMs don’t make pathetic excuses!

  • If the Habs were a good team, then we wouldn’t have to play this stupid game.

8 Years of Groundhog Day with no end in sight

In the meantime, the Habs are going to miss the playoffs for the 4th time in 5 years. They still do not have a number 1 center. They are still too small. They still draft small players. They still haven’t found a competent back-up for Carey Price. They still cannot decide if they are contenders or pretenders. They still recycle coaches. They refuse to make changes to the amateur scouting staff. They do not have a top 20 point-getter. They have millions in cap space. They continually rush players to the NHL.

They remain a little bit pregnant.

The only hope is that Marc Bergevin emerges from his office, gets scared of his shadow, and runs away, leaving a competent and proven GM in his place that actually has a plan for this team.

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